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A recent article in the spring 2011 Rapport magazine talks about some of the work we have done in India.

You can read the article by clicking here.


"Liz is one of those rare individuals who you can truly say, walks their talk and has an absolute love for training. She has an infectious enthusiasm and humour and yet displays traits of a fearless negotiator.


Her training style is confident, competent and great fun, leaving you wanting more. She displays fantastic state management when the environment throws up the unexpected as it has a tendency to do from time to time.


Liz brings a fresh approach to NLP Training particularly to breakthrough sessions, where she is an expert in board and arrow breaking. Her sessions are new, practical, straightforward and she makes everything great fun to learn and apply.


I can confidently say that Liz is one of the few trainers that I will always remember for going way beyond what anyone could expect and treating each participant as an individual and having great empathy for each on a very personal level and with sincere cultural sensitivity”


NLP Trainer and Indian Ambassador for ANLP International CIC


I’ve been a Head teacher a long time,I thought I had had my fill with training, professional challenges, reflection and recreating myself but somehow I found the energy to engage once more in an experience with Liz Bailey. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, what I had let myself in for ,but the day passed all my expectations. The day was full of laughter and joy but also personal reflection on what and who I am, not what I do. The focus for me shifted and I have used some of Liz's key points every day since then, in my interaction with others.

I have become more honest with myself , less demanding of others and perhaps a little kinder!

Not bad for one day and great value for money, so good in fact I’m going back for more!


Leadership Consultant/ Headteacher


“Robert is an exceptional man. He cares about people and understands how they work. He is able to bring the best out of everyone and was excellent to work with. He always delivered what he said he would and cared about what he did.” November 12, 2009


Project Consultant


“Robert is a Master Trainer of NLP and, to my knowledge, the only one in the world to be certified by all three of the of the leading NLP regulating bodies, ANLP, INLPTA and ABNLP.


Training with Robert is exacting, challenging and hugely enjoyable. His encyclopaedic knowledge, constant attention to detail and sheer enthusiasm ensure that his students attain the very highest levels of knowledge and application of the art and science of NLP.


I have worked with, and observed, many Trainers and Coaches over the last thirty years and I have found Robert to be a wonderful person who is a world-leading Trainer of the very highest calibre. He is, quite simply, the very best.” March 18, 2011


Celebrity Tennis Coach


Learning never stops and I went on to the NLP Trainer Training at Goa, India in Nov-Dec, 2010.


It was a great honour and a pleasure to train with Robert, my Master Trainer. A great human being, humble to the core, dignity personified, thorough gentleman and a great learner himself. He displayed a great flexibility, sensitivity, understanding of diverse backgrounds, values and culture-all a hall mark of great trainer, coach and mentor.


Complexity into simplicity, different contexts and perspectives; the training was a unique blend of passion, creativity, and knowledge delivered with great fun and accuracy. It left a lasting imprint on my mind and a change as much I am sure it would on any future participants.


I wish Robert the very best in his future endeavours in every way.

And the learning goes on....” December 20, 2010


Lt. Colonel


“Robert is a great person to work with. A real diplomat and someone who enables others through focussing on their positive qualities.” March 30, 2010


NLP Master Trainer


“Robert is an exceptional trainer, he brings the often complex content of NLP to life and makes it real. He is able to help learners take conceptual ideas and apply them to their real life work situation, making him ideal as a trainer for NLP in businesses. Robert’s courses are absorbing and always enjoyable, If you really want to be able to use NLP in business Robert is your man!” December 14, 2009


Head of Training and Development


"Completely sold it for me - brought a real understanding of the subject in a way that fits exactly into my world."


Post Graduate Student  NLP Master Practitioner



"It was brilliant the way Liz gave everyday examples so we had a full understanding of what we were doing."


Group Statement NLP Practitioner


"Your approach was perfectly pitched for an organisation as multi-cultural (and multi-coloured!) as ours."


Pan Caribbean Communications Training


"Thank you again for the superb Trainers’ Conference you ran. The feedback from everyone has been tremendous."


International Training Managers Conference


"Robert has an excellent style of delivery and quickly gained rapport with the course members: he 'practised what he preached'."


The Power of Persuasion and Influencing Training


"Thanks for a superb workshop. The feedback has been tremendous; everyone is emailing me about what they have already implemented in their own countries."


Applying NLP in Business Workshop

One to One



"Seeing you provided me with the focus I've needed to get my head together and look forward. Your support at this time - and indeed, through all of the time I have known you - is absolutely invaluable."


Senior Civil Servant  Coaching and Mentoring


"When nobody else listened I was referred to Liz. It was a wake-up call and for the first time a reality check. I have a short distance to go but I know where I'm heading and I am enjoying the journey."


Breakthrough Session Client


"Spending 2 days with Liz with her "down to earth" " cut the crap" approach awakened my inner power now there's no stopping me."


Sports Coach Breakthrough Session Client


"I found my confidence & let go of my controlling beliefs. Fantastic. I never thought it would be so easy."


CEO Utilities Executive Coaching


"No more excuses, blaming others. I now take full responsibility for my life and how I choose to see it. It's pretty darn good too!."


Social Worker Personal Coaching

“Another Happy Customer!”


Mark Allen

Head of Academy


Manchester City

Football Club