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About Us

Liz Bailey

Has a way of lighting up the genius in all who meet her, making learning joyful, life changing and real.


Liz brings an impressive breadth of knowledge gained over a life time of exploring the human psyche.


Defining moments along her journey in life, inspired and motivated her to study Neuro Linguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis, Bereavement Counselling, Gestalt Therapy, Solution Focused Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Clinical Supervision and Hypnosis.

What she does now is to teach others to be at the cause of their life and encourage them to have the world the way they want it. Her personal style is fun, energetic and very down to earth.


Her career has encompassed management in both the private and public sectors.


"I feel staggeringly lucky to have been able to attend your course.  The difference it had made to my life has been immense.  I have more confidence now, I feel able to deal with so much more in my life, I have my sense of humour back (very important) and I have made wonderful friends, too."


"Thank you so much Liz for all you have done for me - and indeed all of us!"


Since becoming an NLP trainer she has concentrated on running NLP programmes with her partner Robert Smith at Treacle Cottages.


Robert and Liz together have that "magic something" that demonstrates that One plus One equals Three.

Robert Smith

An enthusiastic, motivational yet forthright style with a gift for making the complex understandably simple and inspiring.


Robert is an expert in leadership, team and individual development and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in business. He is an internationally renowned consultant, motivational trainer and is an executive coach to high-flying business leaders as well as a developer and designer of leadership training programmes. Robert specialises in using the most powerful developmental psychologies to enable people to realise their individual potential.

As a leadership mentor and coach since the 1980s Robert has researched the dynamic development of personal psychology. In parallel he also studied therapeutic counselling and psychotherapy. Robert’s early career was spent at the cutting edge of management studying with many of the original developers of NLP, a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Robert is also registered as a psychotherapist with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (980231), British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies (9893639) and, is ANLP's International Ambassador and  Master Trainer with INLPTA.


Robert spends his time between high profile business training and running NLP programmes with his partner Liz Bailey at Treacle Cottage.


Liz and Robert together have that " magic something" that demonstrates that One plus One equals Three.

Ian Sellick

Ian is a Consultant and International Leader who was known as “the trouble shooter” by his colleagues in corporate life. His consistent ability to turn around under-performing businesses and teams, as well as taking ’good’ performing teams and individuals to even higher levels of performance, makes him an inspirational leader.


Ian has held senior leadership roles in Sales, Services and Marketing as well as operational business roles, strategic development and change management roles on an International scale.

Working with Sony, Schlumberger, Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq, and Hewlett Packard he has led large international teams of people and businesses of up to £500m across a variety of industrial segments. This vast experience combined with his warm, measured yet incisive results and focused style, draws people to want to work with him.


He is a wizard at facilitating others develop their awareness, thinking, self sufficiency and developing innovative solutions for business and personal change.

Suraj Gogoi

Suraj has been involved in the study of medicine for the past 18 years. He is a qualified doctor (MB BS) and a practising psychiatrist (Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, London). Suraj takes a whole-person, holistic approach to compliment his specialist understanding of various physiological and psychological states. He has experienced many personal breakthroughs after attending training with the likes of Anthony Robbins, the Landmark Forum and Christopher Howard. Suraj is a follower of the principle that our quality of life is directly related to the quality of the meaning we give our life experiences. He operates from the position that if we could change our "meanings" we could change most of our problem psychological states.

Suraj is currently engaged as a consultant psychiatrist in Devon and Somerset. He is also director of a venture assistance and business consulting company. Before this he was a co-director of an independent healthcare company after more than 8 years of NHS experience. Suraj is passionately involved in helping individuals with mental health issues and neuro-developmental disorders such as autism discover their full potential and have the quality of life that we all deserve.

Carol Talbot

Carol is an enthusiastic, energetic and versatile learning and development consultant & motivational speaker who has recently published her first book – “Hitting the Wall…..and breaking through!” She manages and runs her own successful training and development consultancy based in Dubai.


She communicates with ease across multi cultural environments and to all levels of an organization. Carol specializes in change that sticks! Her style is informal, fun and relaxed which nevertheless is sharply focused on achieving the goals at hand. Participants of her programs leave highly motivated with a passion to get things done.

She is a true master of the motivational corporate seminar where she unshackles latent potential. Her sparkling oratory combined with the magic and transformational metaphors of Firewalking, Arrow breaking and Board breaking create events for you that will remain in your memory for ever. Carol knows how to really energize, inspire and motivate you to action so whatever you dream of having, being or doing becomes reality.

Nergis Pekcan

Nergis Pekcan has built an impressive career as a language teacher. She has worked for many different institutes such as Head of Languages of METU College, Language Department of Bilkent University, Teacher Training Department of Atilim University, and many others. She is a sought after international speaker at Language Learning Conferences worldwide.


The most successful English learning technique in the world is the result of her extensive research.

She uses the most Advanced Technologies and NLP Techniques for teaching and learning including techniques for super studying, increasing and maintaining motivation and the learning strategies of the best language learners. NLP Express English was designed by her; this programme enables students to move up one academic level in seven days. All Nergis’s programmes are tailored to meet particular academic levels or specialist groups. Special groups she works with including medical, business, art and engineering. Her style is energetic, highly practical and fun, making learning easy.


Niraj Singh

Niraj is a Consultant Psychiatrist and managing director of Lenus Global, a Leader coaching and well being consultancy. Niraj is passionate about helping individuals to fulfil their optimum potential through the use of personalised and holistic solutions.


Niraj has been involved in service development and quality improvements in the private and public health sector. He is currently pursuing an MBA and his research dissertation is on the subject of self-leadership. His passion for excellence kindled his interest in coaching and he has coached leaders from various backgrounds, including the NHS, private healthcare, property and IT industries.


Niraj’s other areas of expertise include neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric conditions.  He became a certified INLPTA trainer in 2011 following several years of interest in the field of NLP. His special interest is the neuroscience of peak performance and leadership.


His other qualifications include a Diploma in Performance Coaching and a Diploma in Law. He is actively involved in medico-legal work for the UK High Court. Niraj is registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and he is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych).


Using a mind-body approach, Niraj guides individuals to realise their full potential in order to achieve their goals and dreams.



Caroline Wignall

Caroline Wignall came to study NLP and Coaching in Leadership at a senior level during a management career that had been focused on developing and coaching others to believe in themselves and build better relationships; and it became a passion from the moment she discovered it.


Embracing the change in direction, she continued on to become an NLP Trainer, and is now concentrating on designing and running NLP programmes.


She has a friendly and grounded style, drawing on her own experiences to help make learning NLP relevant in people's lives.  Taking inspiration from Robert and Liz, she encourages others to have, do and be all they want in life.


Rod Morgan

Rod is a specialist in raising human performance.  Coming from a sharply focused performance background in the Metropolitan Police, London, professional sports coaching and corporate sports management he really knows what it takes to perform, to achieve and to win!  


He is an International NLP Trainer, Certified Coach, Inner Game Specialist and a Trainer of Trainers who brings a unique and highly powerful cross fertilisation of developmental skills and experience to his work.  Highly passionate about what he does he balances his time between raising personal and team performance and developing speaking, presenting and training skills for a range of clients.


Sanjeev Kumar Sampath

Sanjeev Kumar Sampath is the founder of Keystone Training Circle the Treacle Training partner for India and the Far East. A graduate in Economics and a post-graduate in Mass Communication, he has been in the field of training and development for over a decade with experience in communication training, accent training, behavioural and leadership training. His prior training experience spans global organizations in India like General Electric (GE), Nipuna (Satyam BPO), and Genpact, and has been a founding member of a training company, Value Inc Solutions, before starting this venture. He brings along significant experience as a Super trainer at two multinational companies and has successfully designed and conducted Train the Trainer (TTT) courses.



Sanjeev is an INLPTA certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainer and Master Practitioner and is a registered training member with international bodies- ANLP-CIC, ABNLP & INLPTA.