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Motivating Organisations

Does your organisation need extra Inspiration?

Why Inspire with Fire?

The firewalk is one of the most memorable ways of demonstrating human potential. Harnessing fear and transforming it into positive energy and tapping into your pure potential where you can do, be and have anything you aspire to.


Through out history and in many cultures around the world, people have used firewalking as a means of empowerment, healing and purifying.



If you are ready to aim high, achieve your goals, have a greater sense of self worth and to unshackle your unlimited potential, Inspire with Fire is a tried and tested way of focusing and motivating you towards your transformation.


To be more than you thought you could be!


Why Inspire with an Arrow Break?

The Arrow Break is an incredible opportunity to challenge and completely annihilate limiting beliefs and fears about your life. The whole session creates for you some very powerful and resourceful emotional states which you can turn on anytime, anyplace and anywhere.


Imagine placing the point of a 28 inch long wooden arrow in the notch of your throat and then mastering your focus to first bend then entirely snap the shaft of the arrow in half. If you could do that just what else would be possible for you?


The Arrow Break is a powerful metaphor for how far your mind can take you no matter what


To be more than you thought you could be!


Why Inspire with a Board Break?

How long does it take to learn how to break through a solid block of 1 inch thick wood with your bare hands? Traditionally it would require years of training in martial arts. And that’s a limiting belief we will teach you in just one session!


You will learn to tap into and turn on your enormous energy source turning challenges into opportunities and conditioning your mind to breaking through any blocks real or imagined. The board break is a great way to quickly practice focus, concentration, power, speed, precision and demonstrate to yourself just what you are capable of


To be more than you thought you could be!


These are 3 ways that will prove to you


No matter what you think you are you are always more than that!

You can read more about this on our Fire Walking Website at