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Treacle International NLP Consultancy and Training


Treacle Cottage, Treacle Hill, UK


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Specialist Coaching Training

Course Profile

Why us?


You will be inspired by our knowledgeable trainers, with their extensive experience and numerous tools and techniques. You will only need 8 days to train; a minor commitment for the significant results and benefits you will achieve.


You will find our trainings exciting, empowering, practical and great fun and that our techniques install a high level of competence.


What will you learn?



Building blocks of coaching



Specialist Sessions e.g. ASC



Special Needs



Co-Morbid Conditions



NLP - communication and behaviour



Behavioural Interventions and Coaching Tools



Who should attend?


Anyone with personal experience, empathy and passion who wants to make a real difference in society or within their own community or family.


How can you accomplish this?


The training has been structured to be interactive, combining classroom learning with practical application. You will therefore have the opportunity to practice what you have learnt and receive personal attention when required from one of our coaching assistants.