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Higher Better Best  - One Day Workshop for Pupils

Course Profile

A One Day Workshop for Pupils

by Sali Mustafic NLP Master Practitioner


Who is this Workshop for and What Will it Achieve?


This workshop is aimed at raising the aspirations and attainment of older pupils and is appropriate for years 10 and above.


For pupils it will raise self esteem, encourage positive attitudes and raise aspirations.


It will give them experience of changing and managing their own state and give them insight into this process.


The school and teaching staff will see pupil attainment improve.


Staff attending the workshops with pupils will see the potential for applying NLP in school and will come way with strategies that they can develop and apply themselves.


What Specific Exercises can be Included?


The NLP exercises can be tailored to the specific group and their needs and would typically include activities such as:


For a Positive Frame of Mind (towards life, learning, exams):


Your Mirror – Your Frame



For Raised Aspirations:


Taking your future into your own hands



For Learning How to Access an Appropriate State (eg a State in which to Learn Easily)


Circle of Excellence


This exercise draws on a remembered experience of success which is amplified through coaching and anchored. The anchor is then available to each individual for use whenever it is needed.


For Raised Attainment


Seeing a future where you have attained REAL success


Creating an image of the future as you want it to be. Go there now. How does it feel? How do you know you are successful? What encouraging / helpful messages do you have for your younger self?


For the Integration of a Day’s learning:


Direct your own movie


Direct the actor who plays you in the film of your life.

Give them the directions they need in order to achieve the outcome you want.


How will it work?


Over the course of a day pupils are guided through visualisations and activities which give them the opportunity to experience the kind of future they would choose for themselves. Mental rehearsal of positive outcomes in the context of education and learning will pave the way for raised self esteem and higher self expectation. Thus individual pupils begin to identify the particular strategies and resources necessary for their own success and to realise that they already have the personal resources they need.


The day also demonstrates the very real possibility of change and models the ease with which change can be selected and activated. This is an empowering experience for everyone involved and staff and pupils alike will discover that the strategies they see and experience can be applied and developed in future scenarios.


The final ‘integration’ activity pulls together everything learned during the workshop and gives each individual the guidance needed to make the experience their own; achieving whatever it is that they need. They will also learn the technique and will be able to apply it again both in terms of education and in a wider life perspective.


What Wider Implications and Effects can the Workshop Have?


The specific techniques offered during the workshop will be carefully selected, in consultation with staff, to provide an experience which will have benefits at many levels and in many contexts:


Pupils will develop new strategies eg anchoring, visualisation, accessing personal resources and managing state. Not only will they have benefited on the day but they will find that the changes continue to develop as long as they continue to practise them. An expectation of continue development will be written in to the presentation of the workshop.


The school and teaching staff will see the difference that an introduction to NLP has made to individuals may decide to investigate how to develop the use of NLP for individuals, groups and the school as a whole in the future.


Staff attending the workshops with pupils will find that they too develop new perspectives on life and learning.